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Transforming waste into resource is Asja’s founding principle and a constant inspiration for our activity in biogas-to-energy project development. We use waste and biomass to produce heat and power, biofuels and raw materials in a sustainable way.

We are a leading international company in the field of landfill biogas-to-energy plants using municipal solid waste.
Since 1995, we have designed and built 52 biogas-to-energy plant in Italy and abroad and we currently operate 22 of them. Through the CDM projects in China and South America alone, we avoid the emission of 300,000 tons of COevery year. Our emission-reduction projects in South America are certified under the Gold Standard label.

 biogas energy production per year (MWh)


people served


Technology and expertise

Thanks to the technology we employ and the know-how we have acquired, we can guarantee:

an average yearly biogas capture rate equal to 85%.


a gen-set utilization factor of over 94%


Biomethane: the next development in biogas energy production

Asja designs, builds and operates plants that produce biomethane and compost from OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) and agri-farm waste. Biomethane is a renewable fuel that can be used to produce power, heat and in transports. Compost is an organic fertilizer for agricultural application, an alternative to chemical fertilizers.

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Asja worldwide
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A story of success
How has the landfill biogas-to-energy plant built by Asja in Belo Horizonte changed the life of local people? >> read more

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