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A video to tell a story of success in belo horizonte



How has the landfill biogas-to-energy plant built by Asja in Belo Horizonte changed the life of local people? It is just for answering this question that we have made a video on such a successful project, that has brought enormous benefits to the community in environmental as well as in social terms. The clip tells the story of the project through the voices of those who experienced the transformation of an environmental problem – linked to waste management – into a unique employment and social opportunity.

Today, the landfill biogas-to-energy plant of Belo Horizonte not only produces green energy while capturing noxious gases and decontaminating the surrounding area, but it is also a reference point for environmental education projects implemented in partnership with local schools; in addition, Asja supports and engages with the community organizing awareness-raising events and projects mainly for young people.

The positive impact of the project on the territory has been recognized internationally and the certified emission reduction units that generates have been certified by the Gold Standard system. This label is awarded by the Gold Standard Foundation only to those projects that bring co-benefits, i.e. advantages for the local community other than those deriving from CO2 reduction.

In November 2015, during the ordinary meeting of the CMME (Municipal Committee for Climate Change and Ecoefficiency) of Belo Horizonte, the coordinator of the city’s Plan to Reduce GHG Emissions took the opportunity to highlight the contribution of Asja’s plant to the fulfillment of the target set by the plan, a 20% percent reduction of GHG emissions by 2030.


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