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Research and Development

Consistent with the corporate mission, our strategic goal is to stay at the forefront of technological innovation in the clean energy, energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction sectors, by actively contributing to driving research in these areas.

Here follows a list of the main areas our R&D team is currently engaged in:

Waste to Energy

  • Industrial innovation in biogas cleaning and upgrading technologies for biomethane production
  • CCS-to-biomethane and biopolymers
  • High-value-added biopolymers production from agro-industrial biomass

Wind and Solar Power

  • Innovations to improve efficiency of plant operations
  • Technical and economic assessment of concentrating solar power

Energy Efficiency

  • Integrated energy saving system for power and thermal output in TOTEM micro-CHP units
  • Photovoltaic-thermal hybrid technology assessment for solid-state thermal-power conversion

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