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This week, the RES4MED Advanced Training Course on the “Integration of renewable energy solutions in the Mediterranean electricity markets” made a stop at Asja’s hedquarters in Rivoli for a training session on biogas-to-energy technology and micro-CHP.

Participants are high-achieving individuals serving in public institutions, energy companies, energy centers, universities and research agencies operating in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries and in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The training session focused on:

  • biogas basic principles, landfill gas, waste gas and state of art (Olivero);
  • biogas from wastes & by-products (Erriquens);
  • micro-CHP history and modern applications (Re Fiorentin).

In addition, participants visited the manufacturing facility where TOTEM micro-CHP systems are produced and Asja’s biogas-to-energy plant in Pianezza.
By supporting this kind of initiatives, Asja contributes to the achievement of the targets set by the Paris Agreement for capacity building in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors in African countries.

Download the session’s training material:

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